let’s get oily


Why, I wonder, are women so oil-phobic—and is this fear sensible or irrational? Most women would sooner rub their faces with sandpaper than dab them with oil. I guess it is because, we have this perception that oil alludes to being greasy or dirty. And I suppose..that you would often associate oils for cooking, massages or Britney’s spears videos. However, one might venture to say that oils are the new beauty trend of the moment. Why? They’re lightweight, hydrating, long-lasting, and the bottles are typically kind of pretty. What’s not to like? There really is an oil for every beautification situation.

Hair: I’ve been hooked on Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil for a while now and it’s really worked wonders for my hair. The results are, smooth, silky soft hair without the greasy feel and look.

Face: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: it really is the ultimat. For my very dry facial skin, it’s ideal right before bed, allowing all the hydrating nutrients to soak on up without leaving me looking oily because, I mean, that’s not ideal. We’re going for fresh and moisturized, not greasy.

Cuticles: While nail companies recommends you use a cuticle oil twice daily, I have to admit I’m not that good. I’m definitely a fan of the at-home manicure, but my everyday nail care is somewhat lacking in consistency. However, an application of Orly’s Argan Oil Cuticle Drops (perfect for your fingers and toes) a few times a week keeps me safe from torn, frayed, and/or wounded cuticles.

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