Today’s unending mascara-wand options have proven bewildering. It’s like walking into Top Shop with the mentality of the word is my oyster and I can buy anything and everything, to being overwhelmed with so much choice that you end up walking out with nothing! So sure, each wand looks different, but do they really act differently, too? After trolling sites for some ‘wand education’ I found this great article from Gucci Westman who provides a thorough education on how to use each and every wand like a pro.

On Fatter Wands:
Gucci Westman: “I personally prefer it when the wand is bigger, longer, and fatter. It’s easier to get to the root of the lash and then evenly distribute the product from there.”

On Short, Rubber Bristles:
Gucci Westman: “These are made for getting to the base of the lash, on shorter lashes. With short, rubber bristles, the mascara tends to go on less clumpy.”

On Tapered Wands:
Gucci Westman: “There are cone-shaped wands and also wands that are skinny at the base, wide in the middle, and then skinny at the top again. Those ones are typically trying to help you define the shape of your eye—you get closer to your lash line with the skinnier part of the wand. I always prefer to wipe excess mascara off of the wand, and apply the product to the root with the skinny end, because it’s so much easier to control, as opposed to doing it with the middle of the wand. The fat middle part of the wand is going to give you more volume. And when you apply a second coat, it will keep adding to the volume and length.”

On Ball Wands:
Gucci Westman: “These are made for the intricate areas—outer lashes and lower lashes. I would use one if I were doing really clumpy Sixties lashes and I wanted to get the skin just below the waterline to be a little blackish, but I don’t think that’s what it’s made for!”

On Curved Wands:
Gucci Westman: “Curves are meant to open up your lashes more—for example, a curve at the base is of a wand will curl up your outer lashes and wing them out. When curves occur on the inner corner, or in the center, those, too, will grab onto the lashes in those areas of your eye and give them a little lift.”

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